The Joy of Grandma-Hood


Ever since I had my first grandchild, my life has changed for the better. I now sit at home all day doing needle-point and baking rhubarb pies while my soap opera reruns play in the background.

Said no Badass Grandma, EVER.

Which is where this whole idea started. See, I've been a grandma for some time now, and I know what people think when they hear the word -- they think a grandma is some play-it-safe babysitter that waits around all day to see their grandchildren.

You and I both know that's wrong. Of course we love our grandchildren (and love when our own children get pissed off for spoiling them) but we also love living!

If you like to crochet and make doilies for your friends, that's fine with me, but I'd rather hike up a rugged mountain trail any day. Adventure keeps us young -- it fills our spirits and brings us joy. If you agree with me, consider yourself invited to the club.

The Badass Grandma Club

Where grandmas can get together and do all sorts of boring grandma stuff they're expected to, like:

Crocheting (Ziplining)

Also known in some parts of the world as zip-lining, this classic grandma activity will have you screeching with delight as you zoom down suspended cables at over 30 miles an hour.

Gardening (Hiking)

They say gardening is a great low-impact form of exercise, so I figured we could turn it up a notch and hike the rugged trails deep in the smoky mountains instead of planting geraniums.

Meditating (Relaxing)

They say that meditation can alleviate stress and improve your mood. They also said that about champagne and hot tubs, so we decided to return our expensive cushions and buy bubbly instead.

But it's not all boring, hum-drum grandma stuff at the club. We'll also be hashing out life-affirming, inspiring stuff to help improve our lives, the lives of our family, and the lives of fellow grandmas everywhere.

Impact, Influence, and the Grandmother's Code

During your trip, we'll sit down as a group and hash out the big ideas behind grandmotherhood. We'll be covering the important aspects and big questions like:

  • How to support your kids and grandchildren without becoming a "helicopter" grandmother.

  • The impact you can make as a matriarch on the family.

  • Uncracking the Grandma Code and modeling off of your own inspiring grandmother.

We'll cover these topics and more as we dive into the things that make grandmotherhood a special and powerful gift.


3 Nights accommodation at our beautiful pigeon forge retreat center

Catered Meals

8 catered meals are included in your retreat cost for breakfast/lunch/dinner

Hiking Adventure

We'll be hiking trails on the smoky mountains to get out in fresh air and experience nature.

Ziplining Adventure

We'll soar down cables over the Tennessee wilderness during our ziplining adventure.

Picnic in the Smokies

We'll take a quick excursion to enjoy a delicious lunch out in the serene and beautiful smoky mountains.

Champagne and Popcorn Movie Nights

Each night, we'll be watching a girl-power movie while we sip champagne and munch on popcorn.

Luxurious treatment at our local spa

We'll head over to our favorite local spa for a stress-busting treatment.

Transportation not included!

All you need to provide is a ride to and from our retreat center in Pigeon Forge, TN.


$797 - $994 if you're bringing a friend (Includes all mentioned above -- transportation not included).

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