Your words. An audience of planners and event pros.

And our professional videographers.

Speaker connect was built from the ground-up for new speakers who are tired of playing the waiting game. At Speaker Connect, you're guaranteed a spot, can perform your speech in front of a live audience of meeting planners and event pros, and get a professionally recorded video of your keynote.

Without video and a finely-tuned keynote, you could be another needle in a haystack. Speaker Connect Showcase is a place to perfect your craft and show your talent and get the professional treatment.

No more excuses. It's time to be heard.

Skip the grueling search and get up on stage.

A Place to Start Your Journey

  • What better way to show your worth than with video proof of your captivating content in a beautiful venue?

  • What could better illustrate your quality than a full crowd reacting to your keynote?

Success Sculptor is all about building up your personality and professional profile with content and experience so you can start selling yourself. Here's how it works:


Beautiful Venues

We choose visually appealing venues that give you a larger-than-life look on stage.

Professional Video & Audio

We capture your stage presence and nuanced personality through quality video and on-mic recording

Live Audience

An audience of meeting planners and event professionals to scout you and provide organic feedback.